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TNL::Solvers::Linear::Preconditioners::Preconditioner< Matrix > Class Template Reference
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Public Types

using ConstVectorViewType = typename Traits< Matrix >::ConstVectorViewType
using DeviceType = typename Matrix::DeviceType
using IndexType = typename Matrix::IndexType
using MatrixPointer = Pointers::SharedPointer< std::add_const_t< MatrixType > >
using MatrixType = Matrix
using RealType = typename Matrix::RealType
using VectorViewType = typename Traits< Matrix >::VectorViewType

Public Member Functions

virtual bool setup (const Config::ParameterContainer &parameters, const String &prefix="")
virtual void solve (ConstVectorViewType b, VectorViewType x) const
virtual void update (const MatrixPointer &matrixPointer)

Static Public Member Functions

static void configSetup (Config::ConfigDescription &config, const String &prefix="")

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