1. Dec 09, 2022
  2. Nov 29, 2022
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      commit fix · 7fe73033
      Radek Fučík authored
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      new structure (fixed) · 6c1a0d26
      Radek Fučík authored
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      new structure of the code · 9039e5f3
      Radek Fučík authored
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      added txt outputs from supp materials · f5103a6c
      Radek Fučík authored
      Changes to be committed:
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_ade_txt/output_d1q3_ade_clbm1_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_ade_txt/output_d1q3_ade_mrt1_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_ade_txt/output_d1q3_ade_srt_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_nse_txt/output_d1q3_nse_clbm1_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_nse_txt/output_d1q3_nse_clbm1_symbolic_pde_01.txt
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_nse_txt/output_d1q3_nse_mrt1_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_nse_txt/output_d1q3_nse_mrt1_symbolic_pde_01.txt
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_nse_txt/output_d1q3_nse_srt_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_nse_txt/output_d1q3_nse_srt_symbolic_pde_01.txt
      	new file:   supp_d2q5_ade_txt/output_d2q5_ade_clbm1_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d2q5_ade_txt/output_d2q5_ade_clbm2_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d2q5_ade_txt/output_d2q5_ade_mrt1_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d2q5_ade_txt/output_d2q5_ade_mrt2_symbolic_pde_00.txt
      	new file:   supp_d...
  3. Sep 30, 2022
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      latex typesetting fix · da3f1cdf
      RF authored
      Changes to be committed:
      	modified:   src/lbm.h
      	modified:   src/tpde.hpp
      	modified:   supp_d1q3_nse.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d2q5_ade.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d2q9_nse.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d3q27_nse.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d3q7_ade.pdf
  4. Sep 25, 2022
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      Added raw txt output that is included in the resulting supplementary pdfs · e02747a5
      Radek Fučík authored
      	modified:   d1q3_ade/supp_d1q3_ade.tex
      	modified:   d1q3_nse/supp_d1q3_nse.tex
      	modified:   d2q5_ade/supp_d2q5_ade.tex
      	modified:   d2q9_nse/supp_d2q9_nse.tex
      	modified:   d3q27_nse/supp_d3q27_nse.tex
      	modified:   d3q7_ade/supp_d3q7_ade.tex
      	modified:   latex/header.tex
      	modified:   scripts/build.sh
      	modified:   src/lbm.h
      	modified:   src/tpde.hpp
      	modified:   supp_d1q3_ade.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d1q3_nse.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d2q5_ade.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d2q9_nse.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d3q27_nse.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d3q7_ade.pdf
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      Improved Maxima output of pdes · 8073b588
      Radek Fučík authored
      	modified:   src/export_latex.cpp
      	modified:   src/lbm.h
      	modified:   src/tpde.hpp
  5. May 03, 2022
  6. Apr 25, 2022
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      c_s fix for D3Q7 · a3f54c10
      RF authored
      	modified:   latex/supp_d3q7_defs.tex
  7. Apr 24, 2022
  8. Apr 23, 2022
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      Makefile fix for all dDqQ models · 10f31572
      Radek Fučík authored
       Changes to be committed:
      	deleted:    d1q3_ade/build.sh
      	deleted:    d1q3_ade/clean.sh
      	deleted:    d1q3_nse/build.sh
      	deleted:    d1q3_nse/clean.sh
      	deleted:    d2q5_ade/build.sh
      	deleted:    d2q5_ade/clean.sh
      	deleted:    d2q9_nse/build.sh
      	deleted:    d2q9_nse/clean.sh
      	deleted:    d3q27_nse/build.sh
      	deleted:    d3q27_nse/clean.sh
      	deleted:    d3q7_ade/build.sh
      	deleted:    d3q7_ade/clean.sh
       Untracked files:
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      LBMAT2 · 948bc6b6
      Radek Fučík authored
      - code refactored
      - supp mat latex sources added
       Changes to be committed:
      	modified:   Makefile
      	modified:   README.md
      	renamed:    defs.h -> base.h
      	renamed:    defs.hpp -> base.hpp
      	modified:   core.h
      	new file:   d1q3_ade/build.sh
      	new file:   d1q3_ade/clean.sh
      	new file:   d1q3_ade/supp_d1q3_ade.tex
      	new file:   d1q3_nse/build.sh
      	new file:   d1q3_nse/clean.sh
      	new file:   d1q3_nse/supp_d1q3_nse.tex
      	new file:   d2q5_ade/build.sh
      	new file:   d2q5_ade/clean.sh
      	new file:   d2q5_ade/supp_d2q5_ade.tex
      	new file:   d2q9_nse/build.sh
      	new file:   d2q9_nse/clean.sh
      	new file:   d2q9_nse/supp_d2q9_nse.tex
      	new file:   d3q27_nse/build.sh
      	new file:   d3q27_nse/clean.sh
      	new file:   d3q27_nse/supp_d3q27_nse.tex
      	new file:   d3q7_ade/build.sh
      	new file:   d3q7_ade/clean.sh
      	new file:   d3q7_ade/supp_d3q7_ade.tex
      	new file:   execute.h
      	deleted:    export_latex
      	modified:   export_latex.cpp
      	deleted:    export_latex_compare
      	modified:   export_latex_compare.cpp
      	new file:   latex/d1q3.pdf
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_C.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_clbm1_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_clbm1_matK.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_clbm1_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_mrt1_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_mrt1og_matA.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_mrt1og_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_rawMom.tex
      	new file:   latex/d1q3_srt_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5.pdf
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_C.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_clbm1_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_clbm1_matK.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_clbm2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_clbm2_matK.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_mrt2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_rawMom.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q5_srt_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9.pdf
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_C.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_clbm1_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_clbm1_matK.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_clbm2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_clbm2_matK.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_cum2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_cum_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_mrt1_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_mrt2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_mrt2_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_rawMom.tex
      	new file:   latex/d2q9_srt_matA.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27.pdf
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_C.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_clbm1_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_clbm1_matK.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_clbm2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_clbm2_matK.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_cum2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_cum_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_cum_kappa.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_cum_matN2.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_cum_matS1.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_cum_matS2.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_mrt2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_mrt2_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q27_rawMom.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7.pdf
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_C.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_clbm1_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_clbm1_matK.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_clbm2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_clbm2_matK.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_mrt1_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_mrt2_eq.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_mrt2_matM.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_rawMom.tex
      	new file:   latex/d3q7_srt_matA.tex
      	new file:   latex/header.tex
      	new file:   latex/ref.bib
      	new file:   latex/supp_d1q3_clbm1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d1q3_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d1q3_mrt1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d1q3_srt_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q5_clbm1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q5_clbm2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q5_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q5_mrt1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q5_mrt2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q5_srt_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q9_clbm1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q9_clbm2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q9_culbm1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q9_culbm2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q9_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q9_mrt1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q9_mrt2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d2q9_srt_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q27_clbm1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q27_clbm2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q27_culbm1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q27_culbm2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q27_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q27_mrt1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q27_mrt2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q27_srt_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q7_clbm1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q7_clbm2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q7_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q7_mrt1_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q7_mrt2_defs.tex
      	new file:   latex/supp_d3q7_srt_defs.tex
      	modified:   lbm.h
      	deleted:    lbmat
      	deleted:    lbmat.cpp
      	new file:   lbmat_d1q3_ade.cpp
      	new file:   lbmat_d1q3_nse.cpp
      	new file:   lbmat_d2q5_ade.cpp
      	new file:   lbmat_d2q9_nse.cpp
      	new file:   lbmat_d3q27_nse.cpp
      	new file:   lbmat_d3q7_ade.cpp
      	renamed:    script_backsubst_searcher.py -> scripts/script_backsubst_searcher.py
      	renamed:    script_backsubst_searcher_all.sh -> scripts/script_backsubst_searcher_all.sh
      	deleted:    simplify
      	modified:   tpde.h
  9. Dec 03, 2021
  10. Dec 02, 2021
    • Radek Fučík's avatar
      initial commit · 75aeeff0
      Radek Fučík authored
      	modified:   README.md
      	new file:   core.h
      	new file:   core.hpp
      	new file:   d1q3.h
      	new file:   d2q5.h
      	new file:   d2q9.h
      	new file:   d3q27.h
      	new file:   d3q7.h
      	new file:   defs.h
      	new file:   defs.hpp
      	new file:   export_latex
      	new file:   export_latex.cpp
      	new file:   export_latex_compare
      	new file:   export_latex_compare.cpp
      	new file:   lbm.h
      	new file:   lbmat
      	new file:   lbmat.cpp
      	new file:   script_backsubst_searcher.py
      	new file:   script_backsubst_searcher_all.sh
      	new file:   simplify
      	new file:   simplify.cpp
      	new file:   tpde.h
      	new file:   tpde.hpp
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      Initial commit · 035d8cd1
      Radek Fučík authored