1. Sep 25, 2022
    • Radek Fučík's avatar
      Added raw txt output that is included in the resulting supplementary pdfs · e02747a5
      Radek Fučík authored
      	modified:   d1q3_ade/supp_d1q3_ade.tex
      	modified:   d1q3_nse/supp_d1q3_nse.tex
      	modified:   d2q5_ade/supp_d2q5_ade.tex
      	modified:   d2q9_nse/supp_d2q9_nse.tex
      	modified:   d3q27_nse/supp_d3q27_nse.tex
      	modified:   d3q7_ade/supp_d3q7_ade.tex
      	modified:   latex/header.tex
      	modified:   scripts/build.sh
      	modified:   src/lbm.h
      	modified:   src/tpde.hpp
      	modified:   supp_d1q3_ade.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d1q3_nse.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d2q5_ade.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d2q9_nse.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d3q27_nse.pdf
      	modified:   supp_d3q7_ade.pdf
  2. May 03, 2022
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      Changes to be committed: · 427aaee8
      RF authored
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_ade.pdf
      	new file:   supp_d1q3_nse.pdf
      	new file:   supp_d2q5_ade.pdf
      	new file:   supp_d2q9_nse.pdf
      	new file:   supp_d3q27_nse.pdf
      	new file:   supp_d3q7_ade.pdf