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      Replaced copyright headers in files under src/TNL/ with a simple and maintainable template · 566af95e
      Jakub Klinkovský authored and Jakub Klinkovský's avatar Jakub Klinkovský committed
      The old headers were hard to maintain, inconsistent and contained
      useless information:
      - file name (useless, prone to inconsistencies upon renaming)
      - "description" (useless placeholder that was likely intended to be
        replaced by the user, not to be used literally)
      - "begin" date for each file (prone to inconsistencies and copy-paste
        errors, the information can be found in git)
      - "copyright" notice (inconsistent years)
      - "email" (replaced with a project link in the new template)
      - "Copyright Notice" referring to an obsolete file (tnl/Copyright) that
        does not exist anymore
      The new template consists of three simple parts:
      - copyright notice with updatable years related to the whole project
      - project name and website URL
      - SPDX license identifier
      Note that the SPDX license identifier must be on a line that starts with
      either "//" or "/*", so we can't use a block comment (/* ... */) for the
      whole header. But using "//" for block comments is common too.
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