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......@@ -11,36 +11,43 @@ and distributed systems, which can be managed via a unified interface.
Similarly to the STL, features provided by the TNL can be grouped into
several modules:
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- _Core concepts_.
The main concept used in the TNL is the `Device` type which is used in most of
the other parts of the library. For data structures such as `Array` it
specifies where the data should be allocated, whereas for algorithms such as
`ParallelFor` it specifies how the algorithm should be executed.
- _Containers_.
- _[Containers][containers]_.
TNL provides generic containers such as array, multidimensional array or array
views, which abstract data management on different hardware architectures.
- _Linear algebra._
TNL provides generic data structures and algorithms for linear algebra, such
as vectors, sparse matrices, Krylov solvers and preconditioners.
as [vectors][vectors], [sparse matrices][matrices],
[Krylov solvers][linear solvers] and [preconditioners][preconditioners].
- Sparse matrix formats: CSR, Ellpack, Sliced Ellpack, tridiagonal,
- Krylov solvers: CG, BiCGstab, GMRES, CWYGMRES, TFQMR
- preconditioners: Jacobi, ILU(0) (CPU only), ILUT (CPU only)
- _Meshes_.
- Preconditioners: Jacobi, ILU(0) (CPU only), ILUT (CPU only)
- _[Meshes][meshes]_.
TNL provides data structures for the representation of structured or
unstructured numerical meshes.
- _Solvers for differential equations._
TNL provides a framework for the development of ODE or PDE solvers.
- _Image processing_.
- _[Image processing][image processing]_.
TNL provides structures for the representation of image data. Imports and
exports from several file formats are provided using external libraries, such
as [DCMTK]( for DICOM files,
[libpng]( for PNG files, or
[libjpeg]( for JPEG files.
For more information, see the [full documentation](#documentation).
[linear solvers]:
[image processing]:
For more information, see the [full documentation][full documentation].
## Installation
......@@ -107,7 +114,10 @@ for details.
## Documentation
> TODO: link to the Doxygen documentation
See the [full documentation][full documentation] for the API reference manual,
tutorials and other documented topics.
[full documentation]:
## Authors
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