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Hypre wrappers

Jakub Klinkovský requested to merge JK/hypre into develop

Links to upstream documentation:


  • HypreVector, HypreParVector
  • HypreCSRMatrix
  • HypreParCSRMatrix
  • implement copy-constructors and copy-assignment operators
  • modify our DistributedMatrix to separate the diag and offd blocks like Hypre, so we can bind to its data without actually copying anything


  • HypreSolver
  • HypreBoomerAMG: refactor/finish setSystemsOptions, setAdvectiveOptions, setElasticityOptions
  • interface for configuring solver parameters from command-line
  • interoperability between TNL solvers and Hypre preconditioners
  • use TNL base classes for Hypre solvers and preconditioners?


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